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Mews relies on PCI Proxy for the secure and PCI-compliant storage of its customers’ sensitive payment data.

Mews, the cloud-based property management system (PMS), provides an open platform to support hotels and hostels with process automation, allowing them to focus on their guests.

Mews can be seen as the central nervous system of a hotel or hostel. Reservation information from all of the different channels such as Online Travel Agents (OTA), the hotel’s own bookings systems and concierge services flows into the Mews Commander.

Mews uses the PCI Proxy to protect its customers’ sensitive information. The data transferred from reservation platforms is automatically filtered, and sensitive payment data tokenized before it even arrives at the Mews system. Mews only stores the token. All of the payment information is stored within the secure Planet data centers. Even when customers enter sensitive card information using the hotel’s own booking system or concierge app, Mews never receives any sensitive payment data directly. Once created, the token can be stored indefinitely and allows automated billing across all connected payment gateways thanks to its universal format.

Thus, Mews protects itself not only against potential data theft, but also minimises the costs and complexity of its own PCI compliance by ensuring that it never actually comes into contact with PCI data.

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Sascha Huwyler
Head of PCI Proxy

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