A modern platform to simplify PCI compliance.

Achieving PCI compliance should not takes ages, slow down product sprints or cost a fortune – We built PCI Proxy to reduce cost, risk and hassle of PCI compliance for you.

Immediate PCI compliance

Quickly integrated due to its simple and secure concept, PCI Proxy takes care of PCI compliance for you, making it really easy to comply with PCI DSS.

Full flexibility, no lock-ins

Capture, store and distribute payment data freely across environments and applications and reduce your PCI scope significantly at the same time.

Trusted by forward-thinking companies

Why PCI Proxy

Reduce cost, risk and the hassle of PCI compliance.

Simple and secure

By implementing PCI Proxy you significantly reduce your PCI scope while we take care of PCI compliance for you. With PCI Proxy’s tokenization your systems never touch sensitive card data, making it really easy to comply with PCI DSS and saving your lots of time and money. It can be integrated in minutes, leaving you more time to focus on your products.

Built to scale

Ease your checkout with one-click, allow recurring transactions or build failover with our truly universal tokens. PCI Proxy prevents data lock-ins and scales your business rapidly without the PCI hassle. Every stored card creates a universal card token that can be used for any payment gateway or PCI-compliant endpoint.  

PCI compliance in a matter of days.

Without PCI Proxy

Without PCI Proxy, assign and train employees, understand PCI regulations, familiarise with best security practices, implement PCI compliance programs, maintain PCI compliance, and takes longer to be PCI compliance.

Time to compliance > 6 Months

We’re privileged to work with innovative technology companies around the world and power them to build PCI-compliant payment and reservation flows.

  • Apaleo – Hotel PMS

  • Travel Technology


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