Dohop achieves PCI DSS certification with PCI Proxy and a QSA partner

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May 11, 2021
3 min read

Dohop, a technology provider for the airline industry, has been successfully certified by usd AG according to PCI DSS.

Based in Iceland, Dohop provides, operates and supports the virtual interlining platforms of a number of partner airlines including the booking and payment processes. They chose PCI Proxy to improve their security and simplify the PCI compliance process with our Universal Token Vault solution. Then, Usd AG's PCI specialists William Bouffard and Manfred Ferstl assessed their solution for compliance with PCI DSS.

William Bouffard looks back on the joint project: “Dohop takes the issue of security very seriously. Their software solution fully meets the strict requirements of PCI DSS and the documentation they maintain is exemplary. Thanks to their great work and the efforts Dohop put in externalizing sensitive credit card data using PCI Proxy’s universal vault solution, we could finish the assessment and certification project swiftly and successfully. Thank you both to Dohop and their service provider PCI Proxy for the pleasant cooperation”.

Petur Kristinn Gudmarsson, COO at Dohop: “We chose two strong and experienced partners for our PCI DSS certification project: usd AG as our assessor company and PCI Proxy as our tokenization provider. Thanks to our committed team and the professional, goal-oriented approach of our partners, our certification project went more than smoothly. We are proud to provide our customers with a product that meets the strictest security requirements”.

Mikkel Weber, Technical Account Manager at PCI Proxy, adds: “By using PCI Proxy Universal Vault solution, Dohop has taken another step towards greater security for sensitive customer data. Through the implementation of the solution, only tokenized data is accessed by Dohop’s systems during the payment process. This significantly reduces the number of systems that fall into the scope of a PCI DSS assessment. We are proud to make a contribution to strengthen the protection of sensitive data together with Dohop and usd AG”.

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