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About Frontnode

Frontnode is a global bitcoin trading platform based in Estonia, with customers worldwide. They are at the forefront of Bitcoin innovation and are on a mission to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible for everyone. Frontnode enables customers to buy and sell bitcoin, store it in a wallet or transfer it.

The challenge

Frontnode wanted more control over their payment flows internally, so they decided to build their own payment gateway in-house. This ensured that they could manage relationships with acquirers and issuing banks directly and quickly identify and solve issues and outages when they occurred. However, it presented a challenge around how to securely collect and store payment card data in a PCI-compliant manner. PCI DSS compliance had become very time-consuming and expensive, and they also needed to provide a smooth and consistent checkout experience for their end-customers.  

Due to the sensitivities around crypto purchases, some issuing banks can suddenly block transactions for crypto at short notice. Most customers who experience a failed transaction will seek another provider to buy their crypto so it’s really important that Frontnode can solve the blocks immediately. Frontnode needs to have a clear error mapping on failed transactions so they can instantly detect a block and take necessary action to unblock their end-customers. Frontnode, therefore, was looking for a partner which would enable them to act flexibly when the blocks come into play.

Frontnode approached PCI Proxy to find out more about our universal token vault. They wanted to explore how it might address their PCI DSS compliance challenge and the difficulty of maintaining multiple issuing bank relationships.

PCI Proxy’s solution

Following a quick testing phase, Frontnode could easily integrate with all their existing acquirers, issuing banks and PSPs using PCI Proxy’s user-friendly dashboard. Our expert technical support handled any specific integrations for Frontnode that weren’t out-of-the-box within 30 minutes. This allowed Frontnode to get onboarded quickly and easily and maintain flexibility and scalability as they grow their markets and customer-base going forward.

Thanks to PCI Proxy’s invisible iframe integration, Frontnode can provide a seamless checkout experience for their customers. They use PCI Proxy’s token vault to collect, store and transmit their customers’ payment card data without ever touching their servers. This means they remain in the SAQ A requirements category for PCI DSS and significantly reduce the time and cost of that compliance challenge. Furthermore, Frontnode has removed the risk of a data breach because PCI Proxy’s tokens resist malicious attacks.

The agnostic nature of PCI Proxy’s token enables Frontnode to maintain ultimate security without compromising the flexibility of their payment flows. PCI Proxy empowers them to manage their payment flows in-house, knowing that our tokens can be used across any PSP, gateway, issuing bank or PCI-compliance endpoint.

Gabriela, Product Manager at Frontnode, described PCI Proxy’s product and service:

I am pleased with everything. In our environment, reaction speed is most important, and we get that from you. It’s a one-to-one service; we feel like we’re your only customer. Whatever the issue, it gets easily unblocked so we can continue processing payments. Most of the acquirers we were working with were already partners with PCI Proxy, but it was only a matter of minutes until the extra acquirers we needed were available.
We have no negative feedback. It's incredible in the way it works.

What’s next?

Frontnode needs a partner that allows flexibility and enables them to customize their payment orchestration rules as they go. The orchestration project is still in its infancy. In the future, Frontnode could use PCI Proxy’s dashboard to drag and drop rules for customization depending on acquirers, transaction volume, geography, and amount per transaction.

Mikkel Weber, Lead Technical Account Support, said:

Frontnode is a fantastic client because they are constantly looking for the latest payment flexibility and security innovations. We are pleased to be on their exciting scaling journey with them and support them as they continue to deliver the best payment experience for their customers.

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