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A few words on
our pricing model


Full transparency
& no hidden fees

What you see is what you pay. Once tokenized, you store payment data in our vaults for free.


Move fast,
stay flexible

Never deal with fixed-period or long-term contracts.

How it works


Customize your contract according to your needs
& save costs when growing your business.

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With Conversions (CVX) you can tokenize or detokenize sensitive data when storing data in our secure vaults. Conversions (CVX) apply when replacing sensitive data with a unique identifier called a token or when converting the token back into the original sensitive data. While each token can be associated with network token information, Conversions (CVX) also apply when converting the token back into network token or cryptogram or when retrieving account life-cycle management events.

<50k CVX    0.03€
>50k CVX    0.01€

Credit Card Check

Credit Card Checks (CCC) give an instant proof that a stored credit card is still valid and not expired or stolen – anytime, as often as you need it and most importantly: the CCC does not appear on the customer statement. Available for Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

0.10€ per CCC

Payload Filter Calls

With the Payload Filter Calls (CLX) add-on you can route all web service traffic that might contain sensitive payment data through PCI Proxy. A CLX is a request/response pair that is filtered for payment data.

100€ each 250k CLX per month

3-D Secure Authentication-Only

Use Authentication-Only (AOX) as a standalone solution to perform strong customer authentications (SCA) with PCI Proxy and submit authentication data to partners and payment gateways for payment authorization later.

<50k AOX    0.06€
>50k AOX    0.03€


Receivers (RCV) are PCI-compliant API endpoints where you can forward stored tokens to. This can be any payment gateway or third-party.

100€ each RCV per month


The Shared-Domain-Certificate (DSC) add-on hides our PCI Proxy URLs (https://api.pci-proxy.com/) behind your own domains (https://api.yourdomain.com) while still being out of PCI scope. For instance, if you have API endpoints shared with partners and don’t want them to change it.

100€ each DSC per month
All bases covered

What else is included?

Every PCI Proxy service plan includes a full set of features
to ensure you’re set up for success.

Access to
all APIs
& expertise
data analytics
Developer docs
on-call team
Developer support 
24/7 monitoring
Active fraud
Free storage

Frequently asked question

Do you offer additional volume discounts?

Yes. Customers who process more than 1m conversions per month qualify for additional volume discounts. Contact our sales team to discuss your options.

What are projects for?

Projects are individual sub-accounts running on your contract. While small businesses ideally can work with a single account, enterprises or technology partners often have different requirements when it comes to account settings. Therefore, we created projects - allowing you to add as many sub-accounts as possible for a simplified cost allocation.

Are there any additional fees I could be charged?

No. What you use is what you pay.

Is it possible to get charged in USD?

Yes. You can pay in USD.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. You can store your credit card to benefit from automated billing.

Can I test for free?

Yes. You can create a 30-days free sandbox account and start testing immediately.