PCI Proxy’s mobile SDK gets an upgrade

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November 11, 2022
2 mins read

Our mobile SDK – what’s new exactly

PCI Proxy’s new iOS and Android SDK were both optimized over the course of the last few months and now offer a new and improved, effortless checkout experience for the end-user. Our SDKs enable our customers to completely outsource the collection and storage of payment data to our libraries and benefit from a simple, fully PCI DSS compliant integration.

It's not just us who think our new SDK is a winner – we recently won the Business Impact category at the Best of Swiss Apps Awards. In short: we made a range of upgrades which make the mobile experience for your end-customers and developers much better. These include:

A fully redesigned UX

We aligned our SDK with the latest trends for the ultimate iOS and Android experience. Attention to detail, no unnecessary taps, and fluid animations make it a joy to use. Payment data is collected and tokenized seamlessly, keeping your payment stack out of PCI scope and your customer data secure.

Lightweight components

Payment flows are now presented in a bottom sheet that covers only a part of the screen. The unobtrusive, airy feel makes payments a breeze for improved checkout conversion.

Saved method selection

When your users need to pick from a list of saved payment methods – there is now a UI for that.

Android love

Gone are the days of the clunky Android solution. In the new SDK, the same best-in-class experience is available natively on iOS and Android. This includes card scanning, which we now support on Android for the first time.

Modern languages

Swift and Kotlin have finally become first-class citizens and not just an afterthought. Don’t worry; Java and Objective-C are still supported for those working with older codebases.

Unified API

We have cut the fat and now provide a sleek, easy-to-use API that is the same on Android and iOS – except for some platform details.


Whether it is new standards such as 3DS2 and SCA, the next generation of payment methods, or changes in the host OS, we make sure everything is correctly supported in the future.

Dramatically better for your customers, and simplified data security and PCI compliance, too– we think we have a winner on our hands… but don’t take our word for it. The best way of seeing how much better our SDK is is by trying it out! Contact us to find out more.

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Beda Schumacher
Product Manager

Beda has been with PCI Proxy since its inception 6 years ago. He designs and implements the product development lifecycle and enjoys finding simple solutions to complex challenges.

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