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April 28, 2020
3 min read

Carry out tests and onboarding independently and go live in a matter of minutes: the new PCI Proxy dashboard has impressive top-level self-service functions.

Tasks that used to require the submission of online forms and activation by a Planet expert can now be carried out by PCI Proxy customers themselves in no time at all. From testing to going live – outside of office hours, from anywhere in the world.

Once activated, the PCI Proxy dashboard provides you with an intuitive control and monitoring tool for your projects. You can view your current traffic instantly. Invoices and contract data can be viewed at any time and once your payment method has been stored, payment of invoices will also be taken care of almost automatically. You can also integrate different users, create and manage projects, add new integrations or choose from 300 predefined integrations in just a few clicks.

Since its launch at the end of 2019, the PCI Proxy dashboard has already proved just how versatile it is. Customers appreciate the intuitive design, ease of use and quick overview. Over the coming months, Planet will be developing the dashboard further by adding more services and intuitive functions. Customers can benefit from a smart PCI Proxy ecosystem which is beautifully simple and able to grow with the needs of its users.

PCI Proxy is the proven tokenization solution for simplifying PCI compliance. Sensitive credit card and other data (GDPR, HIPAA) are captured quickly and stored securely, without ever coming into contact with the customer infrastructure. The solution is a universal token that enables stored card data to be validated, debited, displayed or forwarded.

PCI Proxy was designed by Datatrans to meet the increasing requirements for secure online payment in a flexible way. The solution has been adopted by the main players within the market and is suitable for all sectors and any type of business. To find out more, go to pci-proxy.com

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Beda Schumacher
Product Manager

Beda has been with PCI Proxy since its inception 6 years ago. He designs and implements the product development lifecycle and enjoys finding simple solutions to complex challenges.

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