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Work with payment data,
while we secure it.

Our solution empowers organizations around the globe to build and control their own payment flows while maximizing security, offloading compliance and preventing provider lock-ins.

You are in good company

How it works

Universal Token Vault

We believe businesses should be able to control their payment operations without the risk of exposing payment data or getting vendor locked. That’s why we built the Universal Token Vault – allowing businesses of every size to collect, store and use payment data securely and with full flexibility.

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Store and manage payment data in a non-sensitive, tokenized version and minimise the amount of work you need to put into PCI compliance and security. Enjoy full compliance and rely on a security layer that keeps you safe and your customer data secure.


Customize your checkout experience and optimise how you collect payment data. PCI Proxy has the right tools for you to tokenize payment data from any interface while your full payments stack remains out of PCI scope.


Distribute stored tokens with full flexibility. Our universal token format allows you to use stored tokens across all your integrations to prevent vendor lock-ins. Compatible with all your integrations.


Tokenization means you only store tokens rather than sensitive payment information. We take care of the security of your customers’ payment data while you reduce your effort and costs for PCI compliance to the minimum.

3-D Secure

Protect yourself against fraudulent transactions using our independent 3-D Secure authentication-only approach. Perform 3-D Secure authentications with PCI Proxy and share authentication data to partners and payment gateways for payment authorization at a later stage.

Network Tokenization

Increase approval rate for online transactions and reduce card fraud by requesting your individual network tokens from Mastercard and Visa. With just one interface, you benefit from all the advantages of network tokens.


Minimize your fraud exposure and use our APIs to tailor the risk profile directly to your strategy. Filter invalid card numbers with Luhn-Checks, validate a card’s country of origin based on the ISO country-code, or run a zero-amount authorization request to verify a card’s validity. Many more tools await you to reduce your fraud rates.


Securing the
world of payments

Keeping customers’ payment data secure is our core tenet – at our very foundation we use a modern tokenization approach to help you avoid data thefts. On top of that we employ leading-edge technologies to mitigate fraudulent activities and boost your payment conversion.

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Simplify PCI
DSS compliance

Today’s most advanced companies use PCI Proxy to tokenize and store sensitive payment data because achieving PCI compliance should not take ages, slow down product sprints or cost a fortune. We built PCI Proxy to reduce cost, risk and hassle of PCI compliance for you.

Do it yourself

And lose up to 6 months of valuable time.

up to 6 months.

With PCI Proxy

Achieve compliance in less than 2 weeks!

less than 2 weeks!

Secure Network

Build Secure Networks

Protect Data

Vulnerability Management

Maintain Networks & Systems

Strong Access Control

Review Security Logs

Implement Secure Passwords

Malware Protection

Maintain Information Security

MeetPCI DSS Requirements

Quarterly Vulnerability Testings

Maintain Firewall

Encrypt cardholder data

Restrict Physical Access

Create Infosec Policy

Systems & Process testing

Secure Network

Vulnerability Management

Annual Staff Training

Incorporate two-factor

Establish Linkage Record



Reduce scope

PCI Proxy is the easiest and fastest way to achieve PCI DSS compliance as your system never touches sensitive payment card data. Without access to sensitive credit card data, only a sub-set of PCI DSS requirements will apply for your organization, reducing your scope to the absolute minimum.

Save cost

Becoming PCI compliance is a process that can be extremely complex, taking companies months, or even years to achieve. Use PCI Proxy to control and reduce compliance and operational costs while eliminating unexpected overhead costs or budget hits at the same time.

Stay focused

Keep existing integrations and rely on a security layer that keeps you safe and your customer data secure. With PCI Proxy you spend less time on compliance and more time running your business. Free up your efforts and focus on your product instead of PCI DSS.


Few lines of extra code

There is no need to change integrations or outsource your existing business logic. PCI Proxy is built with simplicity at its core. Keep your existing processes and integrations by easily plugging in our PCI Proxy APIs wherever needed with just a few lines of extra code.

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~$  curl  'https://api.stripe.com/v1/tokens ' \
>  -u  sk_test_4eC39HqLyjWDarjtT1zdp7dc: ' \
>  -d  'card[number]=4242424242424242' \
>  -d  'card[exp_month]=12' \
>  -d  'card[exp_year]=2025' \
>  -d  'card[cvc]=123'

~$  curl  'https://sandbox.pci-proxy.com/v1/pull' \
>  -H  'x-cc-merchant-id:1100020553' \
>  -H  'pci-proxy-api-key:Fq3q6MNsarNA4Alz6TrZMqa8cPTxDdgl' \
>  -H  'x-cc-url:https://api.stripe.com/v1/tokens' \
>  -u  sk_test_4eC39.HqLyjWDarjtT1zdp7dc: ' \
>  -d  'card[number]=AABcH0Bq92s3kgAESIAAbGj5NIsAHWC' \
>  -d  'card[exp_month]=12' \
>  -d  'card[exp_year]=2025' \
>  -d  'card[cvc]=wEy1KE7Sd-ODMdpsEPE1D5q'

Self-Service Dashboard

Get things done fast, anytime, and anywhere. The PCI Proxy self-service dashboard is a feature-rich user interface that provides everything you need to integrate PCI Proxy into your existing payment stack and build secure payment flows. From testing to going live – outside of office hours, from anywhere in the world.

Slack Developer-Chat

For your customers, we work behind the scenes. For you, we’re just a Slack message or call away. No ‘Please hold the line’. Work in a way that feels natural to you, get instant access to our compliance and security expertise or join our developer chat to speed up your development time from day one.