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Tokenize sensitive data

With Conversions (CVX) you can tokenize or detokenize any kind of sensitive data when storing data in our secure vaults in Switzerland. For instance, the Primary Account Number (PAN), Sensitive Authentication Data (CVC/CVV) or other sensitive information. Usage costs for transacted conversions (CVX) will be charged on a monthly pay per use basis. Storage of sensitive data is free or charge.

First 50k CVX

0.03 €

per CVX per month

After 50k+ CVX

0.01 €

per CVX per month


Filter incoming traffic

With the Filter Add-On you can route all traffic that might contain credit card data through PCI Proxy. A call (CLX) is a request/response pair that is filtered for credit card data.

100 €

each 250k CLX per month


Forward stored data

Receiver are PCI-compliant API endpoints where you can forward stored sensitive data to. This can be payment gateways or partner APIs. See a list of currently supported Receiver (RCV). If your RCV is not listed, we’ll add it in minutes.

100 €

each RCV per month


Whitelabel PCI Proxy

The add-on hides our PCI Proxy URLs ( behind your own domains ( while still being out of PCI scope. For instance, if you have API endpoints shared with partners and don’t want them to change it.

100 €

each DSC per month


Reduce fraud

Credit Card Checks give an instant proof that a stored credit card is still valid and not expired or stolen – anytime and as often as you need it. We perform a card verification check against the VISA & Mastercard card network.

0.10 € 

per CCC per month


Charge a stored card

Transact directly against your merchant bank account and cut down your payment fees. Charges are full authorizations (reserve an amount) and/or settlements (settle a reserved amount) that are made on a stored credit card. A transaction (TRX) is a technically successful authorization.

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3D Secure 2 – Authenticate only

Decouple strong customer authentication of the actual authorisation flow by performing an autonomous authentication only (AOX) request against our 3DS infrastructure. Receive authentication data (MPI) to allow connected partners to submit payment requests to multiple payment providers or acquirers.

0.06 € 

per AOX per month

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