Unbroken Security

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Having achieved the highest “Level 1” PCI standard 14 years in a row, Datatrans guarantees optimum protection when handling sensitive card data.

In April 2020, Datatrans was once again inspected by an independent PCI auditor as part of the PCI DSS validation process. As a result our PCI DSS “Level 1” certification was renewed for another year. Thanks to an experienced technical team and smooth processes, the audit was also conducted successfully while subject to special measures due to COVID-19.

Benefits for merchants: our payment solutions and all operational processes have achieved the highest level of certification, so you can be assured of secure and PCI-compliant card data processing. Sensitive payment and authentication process data are stored, processed and transferred to relevant financial partners using the highest level of security.

Checks are good, consistent implementation is better.

Our annual certification is not just words on paper: PCI security guidelines are implemented rigorously by all Datatrans employees. That is how we fulfil our obligation to customers and credit card companies and reduce payment processing fraud to a minimum.

Maximum protection, minimum costs – with just a single integration.

To sum up: as a reliable partner for merchants not wanting to come into contact with card data, we comply with all PCI DSS security checks. The benefits of working with Datatrans include the best protection, cost savings and reduced risks when handling sensitive data. We take care of data processing and storage – you just have a few validation questions to answer and checks to comply with. Your PCI requirements remain manageable, with low implementation effort.

PCI compliance in just a few steps – with Datatrans:

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Sascha Huwyler
Head of PCI Proxy

“Independent, fast and reliable – in this age of dizzying transformation, following through is more important than ever. We don’t promise anything we can’t actually deliver. And we stand by what we say.”

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