Introducing PCI Proxy's new standalone network token solution

September 14, 2023
3 min read

Empower your business to easily request and provision network tokens

PCI Proxy, a truly universal token vault, has launched its standalone network token solution, providing e-commerce businesses with a straightforward path to request and use network tokens from Visa, Mastercard and American Express on their behalf.  

Giving businesses the option to request network tokens on their behalf is a logical extension of our current network token offering, which was launched in 2021, allowing businesses to request and use network tokens in its original format without being tied to our own, or a payment provider’s ecosystem”, said Beda Schumacher, Head of Product at PCI Proxy.

Solving the problem

Since the successful launch of our network token offerings in 2021, we've been approached by many merchants and service providers interested in PCI Proxy to create network tokens on their behalf. Larger merchants, unable to directly integrate with card networks like Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, highlighted a significant challenge: their inability to access network tokens created by their payment providers. These tokens often get converted into the provider's own token format, making them exclusively usable within the payment provider's ecosystem, resulting in lock-ins.

In contrast, service providers like payment gateways or orchestrators have the opportunity to integrate with card networks for network token provisioning. However, this requires a substantial time investment for engineering and implementation, potentially taking several months per brand. Direct integrations with card networks also entail legal and certification processes to secure approval for their solutions. After the initial implementation, the ongoing maintenance and regular updates are necessary to adapt to the frequent changes introduced by card networks, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency.


Benefits of a standalone approach

Utilizing a standalone network token solution offers several advantages, empowering your business to become a token requestor or a token requestor aggregator with just a few lines of code.

  • Centralized control: With a standalone network token solution, your business has control over the network token provisioning process, tailored to your preferences. You can create network tokens before, during, or after the initial authorization, customize token creation for specific regions, dynamically define the cardholder metadata to be retrieved and, among other options.
  • Reduce vendor lock-ins: By avoiding ties to a payment provider's ecosystem, you can use network tokens across multiple payment providers without lock-ins. Network tokens are interoperable by nature, thus, there is no reason to lose this advantage.
  • Simple Integration: Simplify your integration efforts, go to market faster and unlock access to a multitude of card networks through a single streamlined connection.


Ready to get started?

Ready to unlock the value of a standalone network token solution and delve into the technical bits? Get started by visiting our developer docs on integrations and APIs to create your own network tokens here or contact our team to discuss how network tokens can benefit your business.

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