IATA’s new NDC schema is one of the 4 key drivers of change in the payment-related market for airlines. Integrated payment capabilities bring interesting opportunities for the whole value chain. Not only can the payment process be streamlined, it can also easily be made more secure and efficient. Together with InteRES, one of the leading travel technology companies serving world-class airlines and NDC pioneers, we jointly developed a secure in-funnel payment solution for NDC messaging – with more features and solutions to follow soon. The team just recently introduced the new NDC payment solution at IATA’s World Passenger Symposium in Barcelona.


The distribution perspective

The InteRES Retail Engine, which radically simplifies offer- and order-management for airlines, can already handle secure credit card authorization (payment/settlement to follow soon), utilizing NDC 17.2 messages.

The first advantage is to take the full stack out of the PCI/DSS scope. By integrating PCI Proxy, the offer- & order-management system, sitting on top of an airline’s PSS, will be fully out of scope from a PCI/DSS point-of-view, no matter if the front-end sending and receiving NDC messages is compliant itself – in any event the payment information (pure or tokenized) will be transmitted using OrderCreate or other relevant NDC messages.

The second advantage is an integrated handling of multiple forms of payment. Via connection to the payment service provider’s own system, the offer- & order-management can directly handle credit card authorization. Full integration of multiple payment methods within the Retail Engine enables easy processing of simultaneous payments with e.g. voucher and credit card.

The third advantage is a limited risk of default. Utilizing PCI Proxys’ state-of-the-art technology, the InteRES Retail Engine can manage the payment itself – in addition to the authorization. In case there is not sufficient coverage on the consumer’s bank account, the full order can be re-processed.


The payment perspective

PCI – Proxy fits perfectly with the InteRES Retail Engine. Next to creating products and special offers for travel agencies or the airline’s own NDC channels, airlines can also take control over the payment process. Airlines benefit by a facilitated and standardized settlement process and have an easy and risk-free way to achieve PCI compliance. Considered as a plug-and-play solution, it takes all the work out of PCI for you.

The PCI – Proxy can be set-up within hours and supports all PSS, payment gateways as well as acquirers due to our universal tokenization approach.

Airlines can also upgrade any legacy distribution channels to PCI compliance within no time, e.g. tokenize incoming IATA HOT files from BSP sales that contain plain card numbers. PCI Proxy supports a variety of communication channels, including HTTPS, VPN, SFTP, etc.

Trusted by major European carriers like SWISS, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines, that are relying on our battle-tested solution.