PCI Proxy for Travel Technology Provider

Simplify PCI with

PCI Proxy allows you to keep the transmission of credit card data with your partners while handling the heavy lifting of PCI compliance for you.

Benefits for travel technology provider in a nutshell.

The easiest way to achieve PCI compliance is to ensure sensitive card data never touches your systems. PCI Proxy replaces sensitive data with token.

Cut compliance costs

PCI compliance is an expensive yearly endeavor. PCI Proxy is PCI compliance as a service to save you tremendous costs.

OTA approved

Show PCI compliance to all your channel partners is easy. PCI Proxy works closely with major OTAs and is approved by all channels.

Reduce risk

Being responsible for all compliance matters is hard. PCI Proxy reduces your risk massively as no card data can be stolen from you.

A suite of modern tokenization APIs

Instant PCI compliance.

Receiving reservation data from booking channels involves handling sensitive payment data. PCI Proxy can be quickly integrated on any booking channel including Booking.com, Tripadvisor, Amadeus, etc. to handle the heavy lifting of PCI compliance for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can PCI Proxy help with Booking.com?

Due to our close partnership with Booking.com, once integrated, you will be instantly released from your PCI obligations by Booking.com, reducing your PCI scope directly from SAQ D to SAQ A.

Do my API partners need to change anything?

No, PCI Proxy is built to keep your existing partner connections as they are. With our Whitelabel Proxy, your partners don’t even notice any changes besides the fact that you are now PCI-compliant.

How long can credit cards be stored?

Credit card numbers can be stored up to 60 month, depending on your business reason. CVV codes can be stored up to 20 month.

Can PCI Proxy store CVV codes if needed?

Yes, PCI Proxy is able to store CVV codes for you if it is needed. Once a CVV code is used for the first time, it will automatically be deleted from the system. However, there are ways to deal with recurring transactions, etc. – just talk to us.

A suite of modern tokenization APIs

The only payment form you’ll ever need.

PCI Proxys’ Secure Fields decouple card capture from payment processing — purging your need to integrate dozens of hosted payment pages from different gateways. Secure Fields capture all types of credit cards forany payment gateway with one unified API and qualifies you for the easiest PCI compliance (SAQ A) with full visual control and payment flexibility.

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