Focus on amazing journeys — we handle PCI compliance.

PCI Proxy helps airlines and its technology providers to significantly reduce its PCI scope and smoothly integrates on any distribution channel to minimize compliance matters.

Trusted by major carriers and local airlines alike

PCI Proxys’ Secure Fields decouple card capture from authorization and settlement. This means you have complete control over the entire payment process.

A suite of modern tokenization APIs

Build beautiful, PCI-compliant booking engines

Swiss International Air Lines, well recognized for their thought leadership and innovation, uses PCI Proxys’ Secure Fields to ensure frictionless payments across mobile and web – It fits perfectly within any offer- & order-management system, sitting on top of an airline’s PSS, and qualifies for easiest SAQ (A).

A Suite of modern Tokenization APIs

PCI-compliance in Airline Distribution made simple.

Partnering with platforms such as meta-searcher, TMCs or OTAs to develop beautiful commerce experiences with NDC & Direct Bookings involves handling sensitive payment data and dealing with PCI compliance. PCI Proxy can lift all airline systems out of PCI scope (IBE, PSS, Revenue Accounting, BSPs, etc.) – making handling credit card data exceptionally easy.

A sophisticated plug-and-play proxy system is used to take your full stack out of the PCI-DSS scope and upgrade all of your distribution channels to PCI compliance within days, not months. With PCI Proxy you receive payment agnostic tokens that are truly universal. This means you can send our tokens to any PSS, payment gateways or PCI-compliant 3rd parties for processing, without worrying about any gateway lock-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can PCI Proxy be used in scope of NDC?

Yes, PCI Proxy is already up and running with some of our airline customers on the newest NDC standard.

Do my API partners change anything?

No, PCI Proxy is built to keep your existing partner connections as they are. With our Whitelabel Proxy, your partners don’t even notice any changes besides the fact that you are now PCI-compliant.

Can PCI Proxy help with HOT files?

If you are receiving HOT files with plain credit card numbers, we can configure PCI Proxy to scan incoming HOT files and replace credit card numbers by tokens.

Do I need to change my Passenger Service System?

No, PCI Proxy is built to achieve PCI compliance without changing the code of your PSS system. In fact, major PSS systems already work with PCI Proxy.

Not sure if PCI Proxy works for you?

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