Focus on amazing journeys — we handle PCI compliance.

PCI Proxy helps airlines and its technology providers to significantly reduce its PCI scope and smoothly integrates on any distribution channel to minimize compliance matters.

Trusted by major carriers and local airlines alike

PCI Proxys’ Secure Fields decouple card capture from authorization and settlement. This means you have complete control over the entire payment process.

A suite of modern tokenization APIs

Build beautiful, PCI-compliant booking engines

Swiss International Air Lines, well recognized for their thought leadership and innovation, uses PCI Proxys’ Secure Fields to ensure frictionless payments across mobile and web – It fits perfectly within any offer- & order-management system, sitting on top of an airline’s PSS, and qualifies for easiest SAQ (A).

A Suite of modern Tokenization APIs

PCI-compliance in Airline Distribution made simple.

Partnering with platforms such as meta-searcher, TMCs or OTAs to develop beautiful commerce experiences with NDC & Direct Bookings involves handling sensitive payment data and dealing with PCI compliance. PCI Proxy lifts all airline systems out of PCI scope (IBE, PSS, Revenue Accounting, BSPs, etc.) – making handling credit card data exceptionally easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What PCI Level do I possess with PCI Proxy Your PCI scope is the lowest possible, allowing you to fill out the easiest Self Assessment Questionnaire A. However, you are entitled to show our PCI DSS Level 1 certificate (Attestation of Compliance) to your partners.
How does the token format look like? We support different token formats to keep your system changes as low as possible. Our most used token format is 4242 42AB CDEF 4242 which contains the first 6 and last 4 digits of the actual card number and keeps the length of the credit card number.
I’m PCI certified – Can I still use your storage vault? Yes, if you are PCI certified and just want to store your sensitive card data in our secure vaults in Switzerland, you can connect via our XML Alias Gateway API to tokenize on-the-fly.
I want to do a PCI audit – How can PCI Proxy help? If you are planning to certify yourself by a PCI auditor, PCI Proxy can provide the PCI infrastructure to you. As a service provider, it will reduce your SAQ D or On-Site audit tremendously. Talk to us for details.

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