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One simple pricing includes everything to achieve PCI compliance.

PCI compliance for


per month including 12’500 conversions (CVX) Additional Conversions: € 100,- each 2’500 CVX per month


  •  Onboarding & Setup
  •  Suite of Tokenization APIs
  •  Universal Token Vault
  •  Show API



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  • Key Account Management
  • Volume discounts
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Access to dev resources



Filter incoming traffic

With the Filter Add-On you can route all traffic that might contain credit card data through PCI Proxy. A call (CLX) is a request/response pair that is filtered for credit card data.

100,- €

each 250.000 CLX per month


Forward payment data

Receiver are PCI-compliant API endpoints where you can forward credit card data to. This can be payment gateways or partner APIs. See a list of currently supported Receiver (RCV). If your RCV is not listed, we’ll add it in minutes.

100,- €

each Receiver per month


Whitelabel PCI Proxy

The Whitelabel Proxy add-on hides our PCI Proxy URLs (https://api.pci-proxy.com/) behind your own domains (https://api.yourdomain.com) while still being out of PCI scope. For instance, if you have API endpoints shared with partners and don’t want them to change any URLs.

100,- €

each DSC per month


Reduce fraud

Credit Card Checks give an instant proof that a stored credit card is still valid and not expired or stolen – anytime and as often as you need it. We perform a card verification check against the VISA & Mastercard card network.

0,10 €

each CCC


Charge a stored card

Transact directly against your merchant bank account and cut down your payment fees. Charges are full authorizations (reserve an amount) and/or settlements (settle a reserved amount) that are made on a stored credit card. A transaction (TRX) is a technically successful authorization.

0,19 €

each TRX

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